Welcome to KATt Kreations! This is a store for art that makes you happy. Some people even say that it's the KATt's Meow.

Have fun! Be happy! Life is too short for anything else!

Poured Acrylic

Acrylic pouring is a painting technique where acrylic paint is mixed with some type of pouring medium and then poured onto a surface in a variety of ways.
You never know what will happen when you pour paint. There are billions of variations and you can not duplicate the same results twice. Fascinating to watch!

Vinyl Records

There are so many old scratched vinyl records out there that can't be used. Instead of throwing them away. I decided to make art from them.
Great way to recycle and to bring some joy and color to life. If you are older and have kids, you can explain to them what a vinyl record is.....

Oodles of Doodles

I love to doodle. It is a kind of meditation. It is not planned. It just flows. You should try it. You might enjoy it, too.

Alcohol Ink Paintings

Painting with alcohol ink is a very delicate process. It takes patience and gentle movement. The results are gentle with lots of movement.
I hope you enjoy this medium.

Abstract Art

What do you see?
Abstract art uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect. Your eyes and your mind interpret what you are seeing?

Mermaids - Under The Sea

MerArt - Mermaids and Mermen
Art to honor our "Guardians of the Water" - MerFolk.
There is also "Under the Sea" art.